Details for Error code -/-

360 doesnt turn on/PSU -> red light

0 red lights

Primary Error code:0 red lights 0 RLOD
E-Code / Secondary Error code:- (No Audio/Video) / -
Binary/Hex:00000000 / 0x00 -> 0
Known fixes:

1) Scan the mainboard and make sure that there is nothing that might short something out, like metal chipping, components, that move out of place while heatgunning, etc.
2) X-Clamp replacement
The GPU heatsink might be shorting out if you screwed it in too tight...
3) Reflow the solder
In rare cases a reflow might also fix it.

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This error can be triggered by a faulty power supply or a short in the console.The short is located near one of the main supply lines, so not under the chips, it might also be a blown capacitor fuse or just a bridged contact.

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Comments for this Error code:

on 2012-11-06 02:07:31 :

I can double confirm kingdarius and bigart666. Black plastic on USB interface
was gone and ports were creating short. Pulled them apart so none touched each
other and presto! LIVING XBOX. [Gotta love those fixes :) ]


on 2012-08-11 07:11:08 :

I can confirm what bigart666 has said. I looked at the USB ports on the console
and I had noticed that the black plastic bit in the top port was broken off. One
of the pins was touching the side creating a short circuit so I bent it back to
preventing it from touching anything. I then wrapped the top port in electrical
tape. Now the console works.

I tried to replace the USB ports with a new one but I had great difficulty
trying to unsolder it. Anyone have any ideas how to make the lead-free solder


on 2011-02-24 06:39:05 :

had a no power xbox360 2 day it was the front usb ports someone was jammimg the
usbs and broke the black plastic inside the ports and the pins were shorting
them out i just used small screwdriver and lifted them making sure there
weren't touching boom 360 came on


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