Details for Error code E13/0031

Faulty RAM brick/ Shorted out resistor

3 red lights

Primary Error code:3 red lights 3 RLOD
E-Code / Secondary Error code:E13 (No Audio/Video) / 0031
Binary/Hex:00001101 / 0x0D -> 13
Known fixes:

1) Reflow the RAM and Southbridge
2) Loosen your heatsink screws and make sure the heatsink isnt shorting out a capacitor...
3) Replace the faulty RAM brick
4) X-Clamp replacement
5) Replace dvd power cord. Short in the dvd drive cord or the cord is in backwards.
6) un-bridged U6T1 or U6T2 (point that protect cpu-fuse)

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This error is caused by a faulty/cracked RAM brick, however it can also be caused when the heatsink is shorting out a resistor or like a bad solder joint under the GPU?, check out the links in the references...
Also caused by the Southbridge if not properly soldered to motherboard or if it experiences a power short.
Can be caused by a backwards power cord or faulty power cord to dvd player.

- if you update to freeboot 9199 with bridged U6T1 or U6T2 this error will appear, unbridged it (Shadow-Wizzard)


xTMxHom3rAll credits for the Southbridge related discoveries go to CanadaTech, thanks a lot.kyledgrant for the DVD-drive cord



Comments for this Error code:

on 2020-09-16 08:46:31 :

Xbox 360 Slim Fix
replace ADP Chip and U1F1 near nand


on 2015-06-03 14:40:14 :

FIX!!! FIX!!! i had this error afetr repairing the dvd drive turns out it was
just becuase the dvd drive power connector was put back the wrong way round as
it is possible to insert both ways


on 2014-07-14 14:55:58 :

i got this error on a new Xbox E 360 after installing RGH on it,
the issue was soldering the Post Fix on the Cap. and the cap side was removed
without noticing.
replacing this cap solved the issue


on 2012-12-20 21:24:32 :

reballed almost everything!!! Replaced GPU, reflowed CPU, reballed 4 ram brick
(my model have only 4 ram bricks only on top), reballed SB, reflowed
HANA....check Q6F1 no short. Still 0031...then replaced ADP1823 and finally
fired up :D


on 2012-05-30 02:38:33 :

Fixed an E74 today, put back together and it gave me the 0031 error. I looked
over the job and realized one of the X clamps were missing the small black
plastic piece on it. Should have noticed this when I put it together but I
didnt. Replaced that X clamp and fired right up. Lesson here do not overlook the
obvious stuff.


on 2012-01-25 20:03:16 :

check the mosfet q6f1 if shorted replace it, if you keep the error 0031 u4v1
adp1823 surely the integrated circuit is defective too.


on 2011-11-06 20:11:20 :

I decided yesterday a 0031, tried to do a reflow, and solder balls melted did
not care, after I made ​​the mistake reball 0031, was the capacitor the
capacitor C4R29 That was short, it is below the gpu, and Other Island was the


on 2011-09-19 21:01:24 :

I got this after reflowing and x-clamping a E74 1022. Tried insulating the
components but still the same. Changed to nylon washer under screw heads and
nylon on board/metal to heatsink but more importantly held GPU heatsink away
from CPU heatsink while tightening screws as they look like they can touch each
other otherwise.


on 2011-07-28 01:28:59 :

un-bridged U6T1 or U6T2 (point that protect cpu-fuse)

worked for me on my Zephur Jtagged xbox360


on 2011-07-28 01:27:58 :

I am happy to say the un-bridging of the U6T1 or U6T2 fixed the error on my
zephur jtagged xbox360 :)


on 2011-07-26 09:15:08 :

hey does anyone know how to replace the ram? i had a external 12v fan on my
falcon and i got this error. i reflowed everything and did the electrical tape
thing and the x clamp and it doesnt work


on 2011-06-22 20:42:38 :

Had e74, did the x-clamp trick on both heat sinks to fix, then got this error. I
did what devinogden did, covered everything under GPU heat sink with electrical
tape, fixed the problem.


on 2011-05-25 19:44:38 :

We fix dozens of consoles a month,
recently had an old E74 turn into a 0031 here,

so probably bridged solder, etc.


on 2010-11-22 22:39:50 :

had this today on a previously x-clamp fixed machine, was resistor short under
GPU, redid x-clamp fix and covered resistors with layer of kapton tape to ensure
no more shorts, recommend 1)swapping out dvd cable and test, 2) remove gpu
heatsink and test 3) CPU heatsink and test, then try others above


on 2010-11-02 00:14:42 :

Resistor short confirmed. Received error after performing x clamp fix.
Investigated board for any signs of the problem and found that the gpu or cpu
heatsink (can't quite remember which one) was making contact with a nearby
resistor. I attempted to loosen the screws attached to the heatsink but made it
overheat quickly. To fix this, I removed the heatsinks completely, applied
electrical tape underneath completely covering under the heatsink except of
course the gpu or cpu chips.


on 2010-09-12 16:28:16 :

Can some one tell me where I find info to relpace the ram?


on 2010-07-26 05:28:56 :

I had this error caused by a bad reflow. I reballed the GPU and error was gone
so it definitely can be linked to a bridged solder joint under the GPU as well.
If you can't do reballing it may make it a bit hard to fix so perhaps use
HIGH grade high quality flux to repair it?


on 2010-07-16 00:55:05 :

Where can you buy a new dvd power cord and also where can you buy new RAM bricks
and how do you install them


on 2010-06-09 03:39:43 :

DvD Power Cord Confirmed. I repair about 15-20 xboxs a week here in San Diego,
and I came across one that had this 0031 Error Code today. I am just confirming
that I repaired it just by switching out the dvd power cord. Easy $50.


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