Details for Error code E39/0213


3 red lights

Primary Error code:3 red lights 3 RLOD
E-Code / Secondary Error code:E39 (No Audio/Video) / 0213
Binary/Hex:00100111 / 0x27 -> 39
Known fixes:
No Known fixes available!
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This error is completely unknown

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Comments for this Error code:

on 2012-01-12 11:52:49 :

Im still keeping my falcon in the dust, NEW HDD i got was not working even on PC
it made my console rrod 0213, since there are some similar problems with USB i
assume it has to do with 5V line IMO thats the only thing that USB and HDD have
in common?


on 2011-11-09 10:37:41 :

0213 ERROR..This was an error with USB ports on front of the console.i got a
console in that had been damaged by kids poking the usb ports probably. and
inside the port was damaged as soon as i straightened the pins out abracadabra
the red lights was gone. and concole was working fine. sO 0213 Must be
connection error in usb port. hope this helps someone.


on 2011-04-12 21:46:42 :

Still no news, all caps seem fine...


on 2011-03-26 16:04:30 :

I did 3.5" mod on my jtag (FALCON), took +/-12v directly from adapter
connector, then i took +5v from factory HDD port, everything was ok with
2.5" hdd when 1.5tb 3.5" arrived i got this error i assume big hdd
took more power so now smt is not working even tho i still get +5v on same pin
from MS hdd connector...Ive seen xenons with same 1.5tb working fine maybe
falcon since it has less watts cant provide enough power...ill recheck caps and
let u know if i fixed it :(


on 2011-03-26 15:59:32 :

I hh


on 2010-04-22 20:42:46 :

It could be a blown cap . This guy got this error when he used a play and charge
kit . I guess the cap is connected to the usbports and gets to hot when
something is connected to one of the tree usb ports


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