Cooling mod to get better GPU cool air inflow

Friday 13th of January 2012
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Most of us are using HDD's so do we really need the mem ports? I dont so I removed them.

This enabled me to mod a vent into the front panel under the DVD drive right in front of the GPU heatsink. Why this is good thing is obvious but look into it we see it could be a significant help to GPU cooling.

Why? Because the main area in a stock case where the GPU gets cool air from is the left side panel. With a HDD clipped on the side that potential airflow is seriously restricted meaning most of the GPU's cool air has to be drawn in from the right side panel which has much smaller holes. If you have done the fan shroud divider mod you'll be able to feel that the left fan pulls quite a bit less air then the right one. Put your hand round the back and you can feel the difference between the 2 fans. With the additional front panel GPU vent (see below) we get much more airflow through the GPU heatsink fins. Again, put your hand round the back and you can feel the difference. Much more air coming out the left side fan.

Here are the pics.

Cut away part of the metal chassis like this.

a pic

Remove a section of the lower plastic casework like this.

a pic
a pic
a pic

Remove mem port doors from front panel. Cut out middle section and widen the new vent slightly.

a pic

I also removed the rear plastic mesh so I used a bit to make a guard so my 2 year old daughter cant poke her fingers inside.

a pic

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