Easy 12v Fan Mod

Sunday 17th of April 2011
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This is a tutorial on how to do an easy 12v fan mod using the DVD drive power. It will work on a 3 or a 4 pin XBOX 360. This will help solve overheating and will keep your console from overheating. This mod along with the Hybrid X Clamp mod should be a permanent RROD solution and will make your console practically a Juggernaut!!!! With this, lets get started.


Wire Strippers.
A 4-6 inch piece of wire.
Electrical tape or heat shrink tubing

The first thing we will need to do is open up the console, there are plenty of tutorials online for this. Try the one here, its pretty good. Once the console is open, we can access what we need. Remove the DVD drive power cable, the DVD drive, and the fans.

With the fans removed, we can access a few wires. You will notice the fan has a red, brown, blue, and black wire. Splice the red and brown wires and twist them together, then connect your piece of wire to them. It should look something like this.

a pic
IMG_20110417_091011 by Carlos2295, on Flickr

Leave the other two wires alone as they are the ground. Take your electrical tape and seal the end, I used heat shrink tubing. Now we need to splice into the DVD drive power cable to power the fans. SPLICE IT IN THE MIDDLE!!!! The cable will be the bottom right cable on the DVD drive power cable. Here is a picture to show which cable, ignore the ground, thats for something different. Just use the 12v source.

a pic
nullq by Carlos2295, on Flickr

Thanks to pooley182 for the photo

Now we need to twist the other end of the wire to the DVD drive power cable. In case you confused how it should hook up, here is a photo to show what it should look like.

a pic
IMG_20110417_091040 by Carlos2295, on Flickr

Just place some electrical tape on it and were ready to go. Plug everything back in as normal. The fan connector now just holds the ground wires and the DVD power cable has an extra attachment. This is what the finished fan should look like.

a pic
12v Fan Mod by Carlos2295, on Flickr

Your fans will now sound louder, but will keep your console running much cooler. Feel the back of your console, it shows. I am not responsible for any damage done to you, or anything around you because you got in over your head, this is intended for people who already have experience splicing wires. For now thats it, please leave me a message telling me how it went and goodbye!!!!

Notice: The Tutorials have been done many times and were often successfull, however we cannot guarantee the success and so dont take any responsibility for any damages that might be caused by it, you do it on your own risk!!!



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