How to Replace Xbox 360 DVD-Drives

Monday 8th of April 2013
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Before you buy a DVD-Drive you must find out which DVD-Drive you need. Since one of the later updates you can only use exactly the same type of DVD-Drive.
That means the manufacturer and model of your Original DVD-Drive must match the manufacturer and model of the new Drive you want to replace the Original Drive with.

To find out which drive you have scroll down to 1.2!

1.1 Tutorials -> Choose your DVD-Drive

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Old Xbox 360

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New Xbox 360 Slim

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1.2 Which Drive do I have, which one do I have to buy?

There are two methods:

1) Take apart the Xbox and look at the label on the DVD-Drive.

I very much recommend this option, this is the only way to know 100% which drive you are going to need. You have to take the xbox apart anyway in order to replace the DVD-Drive so why be lazy and risk buying the wrong DVD-Drive?

2) This method only is recommended if you do not have a Slim Xbox, so only for old big Xbox 360s.

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You can look at this graphic to determine which drive is in your Xbox.

Samsung = Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943A
Hitachi = Hitachi-LG GDR 3120L
BenQ = Philips-BenQ VAD 6038
LiteOn = Philips-LiteOn DG-16D2S

Notice: The Tutorials have been done many times and were often successfull, however we cannot guarantee the success and so dont take any responsibility for any damages that might be caused by it, you do it on your own risk!!!



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