How to understand if the GPU and the CPU is burnt

Saturday 7th of May 2011
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4 red lights 4RLODYES

Hi everyone, it's so easy to understand if a CPU is burnt or not.
Take a multimeter, set it to ohm.
Measure the two red point...the measure should be around 3.8ohm.
If the measure is 0.5 ohm or around the 0, the CPU is burnt :)
If the CPU is still attached to the mainboard, you can measure the resistance between one of the capacitor on the right of the CPU (there are 35 capacitor on the right of the cpu of a XENON...choose one and measure it)

Here is the photo:
a pic

For the GPU it's the same...
the resistance between the two points should be around 2 ohm...if it's 0.5ohm or around 0, it's burnt.
If your GPU is still attached to the mainboard, you can measure resistance between that capacitor.

a pic

a pic

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