Using AMD Coolers/Heatsinks in the Xbox 360

Friday 13th of January 2012
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Hi :)

I have been playing around experimenting with a AMD stock cooler and thought I would share it with you guys. Its nothing special or ground breaking but I figured it might be of interest to some of you.

This is the cooler I have been using, they are dirt cheap. I got mine for £1.70 on eBay!

a pic

It has a 70 x 70 mm fan and mounting holes in each corner so it fits the 360 Mobo quite easily. All you need to do is unscrew the fan and remove the AMD mounting clip, pop the fan back on and find some long screws. I have a selection of different thread sizes here and M2.5 fits perfectly. Then, using a standard x-clamp and a washer under each screw head, mount the cooler as normal (or Hybrid Uniclamp + smaller washers).

a pic

a pic

They fit the GPU with no problems at all. However the CPU is slightly trickier. The heatsink isnt exactly square. Its something like 71 x 85mm. This means if you want to put one on your CPU you need to either cut it down slightly, or re-locate a few caps. The caps that will need moving are the ones behind the CPU, and the ones in front. I chose to trim down my heatsink and it was quite difficult to without bending and destroying the fins due to the thin material.

I have been running the following setup for 3 hours and temps are acceptable (this is a falcon board):

a pic

If I were running a jtag I'd go with 2 of these, swap the AMD fans for quieter ones, change the rear fans for quiet 70mm fans, add ram heatsinks, throw out the shroud, and mod a intake vent in the top panel of the case.

EDIT: The stock AMD fan is very quiet compared to standard xbox 360 fans.

As it is I'm not planning on taking this any further as a project. It was just a bit of an experiment. Hope you like it and find the info useful :) :) :)

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